Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our littlest girl-an update!

Lilyann has really been changing lately, so I thought it was time for an update!
Here are some things she is doing these days:

1. Still potty training, not quite there yet!
2. She is starting to dress herself, especially shoes and socks, sometimes pants.
3. Although hand dominance is not said to be fully established until a child is 5, I could tell with Miranda by 2 that she was right hand dominant. Lilyann appears to use her left hand more at this point. She still switches to the right at times, but most things she prefers to do with her left, and she will automatically use the left hand before the right.
4. She is starting to do silly things to make us laugh. Her newest thing is when she is sitting in my lap facing me, she will reach up with her left hand, pull her hair, and with this big smile on her face say, "OWWW" I then tickle her, and she belly laughs, and the whole game starts over again. It is so funny to watch!
5. She continues to dislike sleep, particularly naps. Her nap duration averages 15 minutes. She sleeps through the night, but does not like to go down!
6. Speech is slowly improving. She recently started putting two words together spontaneously. She gets so excited when she sees one of us come home. She starts dancing around yelling "Daddy home!" or "Mommy home!". Some of her other favorite words are cookie, cereal, ball, kitty, meow, more. She is getting some short term speech intervention from a friend at work. This will just give us more ideas of what to do to help facilitate improved speech and communication. Yeah!!
7. Horses are her favorite! She runs around saying "horsey" a lot, and she will spot them when we are out driving around and point them out. So cute!
8. She is still sleeping in her crib. We tried taking one side off to convert to a toddler bed, but after falling out a few times, that didn't work. We then attempted to let her sleep with Miranda one night. That didn't work. She was a wiggle worm, and wouldn't stop playing with Miranda's hair! So, the crib will continue for awhile.
9. She continues to be a cuddly, sweet, affectionate and outgoing child. She says hi to everyone she meets usually. She has to give me numerous kisses before I leave to go somewhere. She is such a blessing, and has added so much to our lives.
10. She is active! She is always into something, or up on something. We can get exhausted if we don't provide structured activities for her. She loves most activities we do give her, and she loves to be read to.
11. Eating-I can't even begin to explain how much this girl loves to eat. We are still dealing with her inability to feel full. She loves her high chair, and that is another one of her favorite words. The other day I was in the kitchen making dinner, and I looked in the dining room, where the high chair was and the tray was off. Lilyann was sitting there quietly waiting to be fed. When I told her to come down, that it was going to be awhile before dinner, she was not happy!
12. Overall she is doing so well, after a year here in our family. It is amazing how God just knows exactly what children we are meant to have.

Peace and joy to you!


Tereasa said...

Thanks for the update! She is growing so fast. I just love her hair!

What is it with our kids and food?? Actually, I'm sure I know, but still... Get over it! Don't ya think?

What a sweetie!

Wendi said...

It it just amazing to watch them grow!