Sunday, November 2, 2008

Harvest party 2008

On friday the first thing we did was go to Lilyann's music class. My little angel and sleeping beauty had a great time.
Later we went to a harvest party at a local church. They played lots of games and had fun. Lilyann looked so cute in her little angel costume. She loved it too. She would have nothing to do with any other costume I tried to put her in.

I think her favorite part was when Miranda was getting her nails painted. She had her hands right up there just waiting for her turn.

Ooooh! She was so excited to get her nails painted too, just like her big sis!

A proud moment!!!


day by day said...

Awww...what sweet costumes! So glad the girls had so much fun!!!


asnipofgoodness said...

Sooooo cute, don't you just love the inate girliness of girls???

Michelle said...

oh I love the look on her face as she is admiring her painted nails!

Anonymous said...

Too adorable. The girls look so angelic!