Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why I love homeschooling...

Homeschooling is such a precious gift. The other day we went on a nature walk with some homeschooling friends in the morning.
It was a beautiful fall day. There was so much to see, and the kids were able to enjoy fresh air, run and play, and observe nature all around them. They did sketches of some of their observations, or favorite things they saw on their walk.

Miranda actually stopped every once in awhile and took notes of some of the things she saw...a creek, cattails, a bridge, berries. What a blessing it is for children to be able to have the time to stop and look, and learn about God's creation all around them. They aren't stuck at a desk all day, they are free to learn not only the basics, but they can really focus on what interests them, what they love, and as their parent and teacher, we are there to guide them and assist them in growing in these areas.
Homeschooling has really been an amazing gift. It was not something I set out to do, but something I was open to learning about when I first heard about it. A few years later, and here I am, a firm believer in homeschooling! The more I study and learn about it, the more excited I get! It is a lifestyle we are steadily growing into and one with so many positive benefits, I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!


Dawn said...

Hi Michelle,
Kyle and I did the same thing last week. We spent a couple hours outside collecting treasures, taking pictures, and enjoying the beautiful sunny day.
Check out our smilebox on my other blog-

Have a blessed week.

Tereasa said...

I love it, too!

asnipofgoodness said...

Looks like a fun day !!
I posted your swap package pictures today, and linked back to yours and Carries blogs. Thank you soooooo much for the things you sent! Everything was wonderful!
I hope you have recieved yours, if not, please forgive me for it being late, and let me know when it gets there!
Have a blessed harvest season, and keep in touch, I have loved getting to know you!!!

The Whites said...

Hi Michelle,

I ran across your blog so I thought I'd say hello. We are homeschoolers also. We did a nature walk earlier this year too. It's the best life! Enjoyed browsing through your blog. I'm adding it to my blog list if you don't mind.


Anonymous said...

I too love it for the same reason. It is so wonderful to let them learn about the world around them.