Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Love this girl!!

It's time for another Lilyann update! She is doing so well. I took this picture last night when I got home from work. She was playing dolls with Miranda. This girl has so much love to give! She greeted me when I got home with about 10 big hugs!

Her favorite things are Elephants, (Elly's as she calls them), and she sleeps with two stuffed pink elephants every night. She was at a friends house the other day, and she came out of a room with two plastic gray elephants in her hands, so I know she prefers them wherever she goes!

Her favorite food is cereal, and applesauce, and her food issues have resolved to the point that she is actually picky now, and will only eat large portions of her favorites, as in cereal, and applesauce, if we allow her. She will sometimes start to cry if we won't give her seconds or thirds of these.

She is very funny! The other day she was grabbing things off of the kitchen counter when she wasn't supposed to, and finally by the third time she was talked to quite firmly! After she quickly placed the item back on the counter, she held her hands up in front of her face, and yelled, "NO! NO HANDS!" She actually yelled at her hands. I don't know where she got this from! We tried very hard not to laugh. Since then, she has tried the tactic of blaming her hands when she was asked not do something, but we aren't falling for it!

Her words are coming along, and she is speaking in at least 4 word sentences now. Her favorite one is this, "Mama, hold me, now, peese (please)". So precious and cute!

I just asked her big sister Miranda how she would describe Lilyann, and she said, "funny, active, bossy, strong, and loud!" I think that pretty much sums her up!


Jaime said...

She is adorable, Michelle. So happy to hear that she progressing so well. Very cute about the "No, no hands" thing. Too funny! :-)

Handwoven Dreams said...

I am glad your sweet baby is doing so well! Thanks for responding to my question! The sampler IS indeed cross-stitch. I am so drawn to samplers. I have a nativity one and a few others that I want to do. If I want to finish the nativity one by Christmas I better be starting soon!

Take care,

chicknboy said...

cute update...and what a cute picture of her! she sure is blossoming. :)

This Country Girl said...

She is so cute, Michelle! I love the words Miranda chose to describe her....that sounds like a great combination to me!