Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Happy first day of spring everyone! We had a busy day starting with homeschool co-op, then out to lunch, and back to work here at the farm. Jeff is getting the gardens ready, and I worked on the yard. Trimmed the snowberry bushes, cut other shrubs, raked more leaves, and hauled many loads to the garden for Jeff to mulch up and compost. The girls played with the animals as we worked. Here is Buttercup, our sweet little nigerian dwarf goat we got last spring. She is very friendly and likes to get up close and personal as you can see here.

Here's Lilyann chasing chickens. Looks like she's having fun!!!

These are the chickens we have left from two years ago. One black feather footed banty, and two red hens. They have been producing lots of yummy farm fresh eggs for us!

And here are the new chicks we got this week! A Rhode Island Red, a white Banty, an Auracana (love these for the greenish eggs they produce), a red sex link, and a silver laced Wyandotte. The girls have spent hours with these chicks already! They LOVE them!!!

As you can see, they are VERY excited about the baby chickies, as Lilyann calls them! Miranda especially likes to hold them in her palm and pet them until they fall asleep. Very cute! We will have fun watching them grow, and they do grow fast!
We love spring!!!


...they call me mommy... said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Our kids love chickens too...they can spend hours playing with chicks as well! Unfortunately, we don't have any right now, but we want to get some again someday!!! Your girls are lovely!

Blessings! :)

Wendi said...

Yeah for farm fresh eggs!

This Country Girl said...

We don't have any chickens, but we're thinking of raising some. Your girls look like they enjoy them! Both of your girls are pretty and look so sweet!


Dawn said...

I wish I had a farm. Love the chicks