Thursday, March 5, 2009

My mind is on....

Chickens!!! I love when March arrives, because I start thinking of adding to my flock! And since we are down to only 3 chickens, I am really looking forward to getting some baby chicks! The problem I am having is that I am really wanting to order my chicks this year, and have them shipped in. I want to get some of the beautiful rare breeds, and the breeds that are good layers, and some of the breeds that lay the cool greenish blue eggs. But! That means that I would have to order at least 25 chickens, as this is the safest way they can be shipped for warmth, and I just don't know if we can handle that many at this time. So, I may just have to head down to the nearest feed store, and see what they have. In my little neighborhood there is a post office/feed store, and every year I show up in the spring to see what he has. The girls will just love to go down there this year, and pick out their own special chicks! Stay tuned for pictures!


L~ said...


We're getting 2 chickens! :)
That's all I am allowed since we're within the city limits! :(

I want "barred rocks" have you had them???

The coop/shed plans are drawn so we jsut have to buy the wood & other "stuff" hubby is going to build it, of course! :)

WE'll have to swap chicken "tails" teehee! :) FUN!


plain*worker*primitives said...

LOL I was just thinking while reading your post...Hey!!! I know someone else who has chickies!! hehe and there she is!!!
Have fun!!
<3 Melissa