Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Thoughts...

I have so many things swirling around in my head right I crave a drink from Starbucks. I am actually writing this post to somewhat distract my thoughts from this craving. And...I am fasting from Starbucks for the next month! Our pastor is on a 40 day water only fast! He started on the 3rd of March, and it will end on Easter. I decided to begin my fast that day as well. I am fasting from Starbucks, and anything made primarily with sugar. I also have not been eating meat or dairy products much for the last few months, so I was already doing that. On the day before my fast I decided to stop by Starbucks for my favorite drink-an iced green tea latte. I usually drink those during the spring and summer, and haven't had one since last summer. So, I see the lady whipping up my drink, my mouth is watering, and I am so excited to enjoy this drink as it will be my last one for 40 days. I walk outside, take a sip, and almost had to spit it out on the sidewalk! I turned around and walked back in, and explained that they left out an ingredient-it was the melon flavoring they add to these that make them taste so good. Her and this other guy proceed to tell me that the melon has been discontinued! You should have seen my face! My bottom lip hit the ground, and I yelled, "What! That's my favorite drink!" I must have sounded like a spoiled little kid. They graciously offered to make me my second favorite drink-an iced chai tea. It is good that I am taking a break from these drinks. They offer no nutritional value, and they tend to help people pack on the pounds. Maybe during this fast I will be delivered from my desire to ever drink anything from there again! That would be nice!

Fasting should always be coupled with prayer. I have been spending so much more time in God's word during this fast, and I have a long prayer list. There are so many hurting people, so many people that need to know of God's love for them, and his saving grace. There are so many areas in my own life I need help with. I heard on a christian radio station today that less than 1% of young adults today believe wholeheartedly in God's word, and only 9% of older adults. How sad. I need to spend so much more time in prayer, and in sharing my faith. My greatest prayer right now is that I would have a hunger, a deeper hunger and thirst for Jesus, and who He is. I thank God for this opportunity.

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