Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Around the Farm!

I took this photo this morning while leaving the house on the way out to M's last pony class. What a gorgeous butterfly, enjoying the flowers Jeff planted this year.

And here's my girl! Molly's growing up so fast! She is not well liked by the goats. They're probably jealous, Molly gets a lot of attention, bottles of milk, and gets to hang out with the humans!

What's more precious than nursing kittens? We have four of them that live in the playhouse, 3 siamese, and one calico.

L hangin out on the front porch reading books. This is our favorite place during the summer, and we do everything out there from eating dinner, arts and crafts, or just hangin out with friends.

Here's my antique rose bush that was in bloom a few weeks ago. It has been there since before we moved to this house. Who knows how old it is, but it sure does give us a large quantity of sweet smelling pale pink roses, which we love.
I think summer is off to a great start!


Ronda said...


Just checking in - your kids are getting so big. I love your new look. Loved reading the "dream" posts...I believe that some dreams are communications from God; like you belive. Amazing. Say "hello" to your family. Miss you!


chicknboy said...

what amazing pics!

I'd love to have that rose bush/tree...but our heat would probably kill it in a few days. :)

Wendi said...

Your roses are fabulous! Love the picture of L reading. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

Calico Sky said...

Can I please move to your house?!


This Country Girl said...

Loved all the pictures, Michelle, but your little one reading is my favorite! I love those types of pictures! She looks so caught up in the book and I love the bare feet! :)


sandra said...

First time visting your blog. I love all your pictures. I have a soft spot for roses, kids and animals, so you got me from the first. I look forward to visting again.