Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Too Much

Oh, when will things slow down? For those of you who have read my blog long, you know this is the desire of my heart. I don't want to be running around every day from this place, to that place, appointments, stores, and more. I know there must be an easier way. There just has to be. Last fall, I began formulating a monthly meal plan. I would plan dinners for every night of the month, and do all the grocery shopping the 1st day of the month. I have loved this! It really takes the pressure off when you think about, "What's for dinner?" each day. Well, somewhere along the line things have gotten too busy. We are 4 days into the month, and I have had no time to sit down and meal plan, let alone go grocery shopping for the month! Thankfully, we were able to eat out at my favorite mexican restaurant tonight. I have narrowed it down to only a handful of places I will eat out at in our town. I have a love for healthy authentic mexican food. This is not the kind that is dripping in grease and cheese. In fact, the place I go doesn't use cheddar cheese at all, and most items are covered in shredded cabbage, and they have about 8 choices of freshly made salsas that are to die for. Everything is made from scratch, and delicious!
Oooops, back to my theme for tonight...simplicty. I need to have time to sit down with my children, play with them on the floor, bake with them, roll in the grass outside, and lately these things aren't happening. There is too much to do! Too many places to go, people to see, and appointments to make. I need to scale way back, because this is not where I intended to end up. I found myself staring at my calendar today trying to plan some summer activities and trips, and I was shocked as I realized there is something going on almost every day, and weekend! It's too much! I want to slow down and smell the antique roses out behind the garage, I noticed they were bloomed today, when did that happen?
I have a lot of things to look at and weed out for the upcoming months, and though I am tempted to do it all, I think life will be much sweeter if I step back, slow down, let go, and pray. I am at peace when things are simple, and I hear God's voice much clearer this way too, and that is most important.
Simple Summer Blessings to I strive to find them too!


Wendi said...

I can relate to this! I think the theme for summer is going to be "Just say no!" If it isn't something that we really desire to do then we are not going to do it. No more doing things because I feel like I am obligated to. This is hard for me because I am a people pleaser. I hope we both find the simple life this summer!

Tereasa said...

Sweet, sweet Michelle. I hear ya! I think this time of year is busy for everyone, no matter which way they walk through life.

I have learned to let go of playdates to help thin out our schedule. I think that family is really the most important socialization children need, anyway. Once the weather warms up, we don't even attend homeschool gym days. We get our exercise working outside and going for hikes. I don't mean to sound like a hermit. Even when I don't plan social activities for the kids, they end up getting enough.

Cora said...

Hope everything slows down a bit for you. Things always speed up around here in the summer too, I think that is one of the reasons winter is my favorite season.
You have to email me the name of that restaurant, everything sound delicious!

chicknboy said...

oh my! I am right there with you. We have something planned almost every weekend -for weeks to come. We do have a rule though -only 1 thing planned per weekend. This helps us keep a little bit of sanity AND gives us room just in case something unexpected comes up. :)

I want to cut back too, but it's so hard. It's hard to find the "best" amongst alot of "really good" things.

hope you're out rolling in the grass or smelling those roses right now. :)

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh you are are so right! When the world keeps spinning so fast we Moms must slow it back down and refuse to be part of this crazy world's rat race! This is one of my reasons fro Homeschooling~
Life is just to short!