Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Check this out!

Two days ago, my brother in law was out in his yard, when he heard a loud, "Squawk!", he looked up in one of his trees, and to his surprise, saw this bright, vibrant, exotic looking bird! He ran to get his camera, and when he went to get as close as he could to take the picture, the bird flew down and landed on his shoulder! He said it appeared to feel much more comfortable with him than in the tree. He called us and said he found a parrot, and we drove over to see it!
He stuck it in his daughters bunny hutch. I was not too happy when I heard this, as I was afraid the rabbit might hurt it, but I saw at one point it was eating a cracker and the rabbit came up to it, and the bird bit the rabbit in the nose twice! That bunny hopped away and hid while the bird continued feasting on the cracker. We brought some bird seed, and fed it from our hands. It is such a friendly bird. The problem is, we don't know who owns it, or what kind of a bird it is!

Tomorrow I am going to start calling around, because there has to be someone that is missing this amazing bird! Does anyone have any idea what kind of bird this is??


"Dove" said...

Hi There,

I just landed on your blog for the very first time.

The bird is a Sun Conure. Conures are super friendly (as you can see!), and have very, VERY VERY loud voices. I'm sure this is someone's beloved pet who got away, and I bet the owner will sure be grateful if they can be reunited.

Just a word of caution....they love to nibble on wood, so if that rabbit hutch has a lot of exposed wood it may be taken as a toy. They have really strong beaks and are kept in cages with power coated bars. Some treats the bird may enjoy to keep it busy and preoccupied would be a quarter of an orange (skin still on), a raw carrot, sweet potato, or other raw veggies. Some even like a bit of well cooked chicken.

I hope this is a good rescue experience for your brother. Have fun, and good luck!! I'll have to check back here and see how it goes. :)

Jill said...

What a stuning bird! I hope you find the owner soon! Glad your brother found him before the elements did!

Calico Sky said...

Wow!! What a find. So beautiful. You can really tell Miranda has an amazing love and concern for animals - the best way to be :0)

Cora said...

Wow that is so neat. I sure hope you can find the owner. What a cool experience.

Rachel! said...

Hey! Good Morning! Actually I think it is a Jenday conure! (They have green backs!) And all of the advice "Dove" left you in her comment is right on! If your brother doesn't want her to fly off while he has her until you are able to find her home you can clip her wings. I have a post on my blog about how to do that. We've raised parrots for years and they make wonderfully intelegent pets! here is teh link to the page on my blog that has the info about clipping wing feathers. (By the way, you would just be clipping feathers -not the actual wings!!!- so no pain for the bird and they will grow back just like human hair!!!) http://talkingboutbirds.blogspot.com/search/label/grooming

Good Luck! Rachel!