Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Be aware...

The other day I heard someone talking about how backwards things have gotten in our society. One example used was that in public schools, parents must consent and be notified if their children request a tylenol from the school nurse, but parents do not have to be notified if the student requests an abortion. Then I just turned on the news and saw this story:

I do not believe a 15 year old child can make a decision like this on their own and not regret it. Abortion advocates fail to talk about the prolonged emotional distress that women live with who have had abortions. Parents should be notified when their minor child is going through something like this and schools should not bend over backwards to get the child to an abortion clinic as fast as they can. This is unfortunate, unfair to the unborn child and the pregnant child, outrageous, and unfortunately, happening more and more.

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Anonymous said...

I just wrote a looong comment and lost it!

WOW I did not know at 15 they could do that. I've been reading a wonderful book (medical & secular) about abortion and the very very significant health consequences that women are not being told about. The book is from the medical community which is saying we are not being honest and downplaying the consequences. It was very interesting!

I agree re parents unless of course there is abuse. I know there are cases where girls were murdered by family when they found out they were raped and pregnant. But there should then be a substitute adult and it should be a catalyst in getting the girl away from the family and into housing/support where she can parent or make a plan for adoption.

Kate (for some reason can't sign in!)