Friday, April 29, 2011

God answers pony prayers!!!

Yes He does!!! When we first visited our little farm over 17 years ago, when we decided to purchase it,  I envisioned children running around with chickens, farm animals of all kinds, and of course, a pony! Well, it only took 17 years, but the pony is finally here! What an answer to prayer!

We have been learning so much. Never owning a horse before, we didn't have a lot of experience, so jumped into this endeavor a little blind. Miranda has taken two seasons of pony classes, so she does have some experience. There is always so much to learn though, and you have to get to know your pony, as your pony gets to know you. We have been learning how to deal with the added element of the foal, which brings a lot more to the table. The other night, we learned that our cute little filly is starting to become a bit behavioral. Each evening when we go to put them in the barn stall, she usually follows her mama right in. Well, she has now decided that she is NOT going to be going in, and she walks up to the barn, but a moment before she steps in-she darts off back out into the pasture! Now, we are handling her and trying to get her used to us, however, she is still hard to catch. We have had to be very proactive in problem solving different scenarios, and for the most part our ideas have worked.  One night we weren't having a lot of luck, and I realized I had not prayed. I stopped for a moment, said a little prayer, and I swear, the baby turned and walked right into the stall! Yes, God does answer pony prayers! And I am sure there will be many more prayers we will be sending up as we work with these two! We are loving them. The mare is very sweet, and Miranda is loving all she is learning as a pony owner.