Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend Checklist!

There are some wonderful community activities this weekend I wanted to take the girls to, but, unfortunately this is going to have to be a working saturday.

Saturday to do list:

Clean out girls room, fill boxes for upcoming yardsale and charity
Clean the living room
Clean the kitchen
Do the dishes
Watch the babies
Paint the trim in the entry way
Paint the trim in master bedroom
Start attacking the mess in the basement
Watch the babies
Barn chores/feedings
Rake and haul muck from pasture and barn
Empty new bags of animal feed into containers/secure with lids
Call about picking up more hay
Add new straw to the stalls
Watch the babies
Make a healthy dinner
Work out
Call Dad
Watch the babies

If I get three of these things done today,  I will be happy! Dh will be outside all day securing fences and gates, adding latches, and general barn maintenance. We are getting ready for a new critter to come join the farm!

1 comment:

Teresa said...

I heard about your new addition! Can't wait to see it! If you want J or J to come help let me know!