Friday, April 22, 2011

Good-bye visit

Today is baby L's good-bye visit with her biological mom. She confirmed it yesterday, so she is going to have it. We were initially told we needed to be there, but now the sw is saying that they don't do it that way, and the dept. will be supervising. Due to the fact that her mom has not followed through with one visit in the last 4 months, they are only allowing her one hour with baby L. I can't even imagine what she will be going through today. I am praying it goes well, and also praying her mom will hold up her end of the open adoption. According to the sw, there are very few that actually follow through.

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Tereasa said...

Wow, lots of exciting things happening in your household this week. I felt a heaviness for you and Baby L's birth mother as I read this post. I hope the visit is meaningful and that she follows through with the plan. God bless!