Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wanted: Open hearts & homes

So last week, our other social worker stopped by for her monthly visit as well. Her caseload is full! I asked her if the need in this town for foster parents is still just as great as I had always heard. She verified what I already knew, but can hardly believe. Yes, the need is huge. Just last week she recieved 11 new babies on her caseload...yes, 11 additional children added in just one week! And that's just her caseload...many more came into care that week and were added to the other SW's cases. I can't even imagine how many children total came into the foster care system, since I am only talking about babies and toddlers. I am sure many others of all ages ended up in foster care here last week too. This is not a huge area. It is an area with a major drug problem, and I know that this is what brings so many children into the foster care system here. To me, this represents a sampling of what is going on all over the U.S. It is different in some areas, but I know the needs are great all over. These babies/children need loving, christian homes. They need support, and guidance, and a safe place to feel cared for. All you need is an open heart...would you open your heart and bring one or two into your home?

Last week I was talking to the CASA/GAL-guardian ad litem that is assigned to our foster children. She has also been asked to take more cases, and she already has many. She said it's very sad that so many babies are ending up in foster care, and that it really speaks to the state that our society is in. Very true. Drugs. Babies being born to addicts, teens, and other heartbreaking situations too sad to even mention here. This woman is 73 years old, single, and do you know what she does? She does this volunteer CASA position full time! She visits all the kids on her caseload at their foster homes, and goes to their visitations, birthday parties, and all court hearings. We were talking about how little there is on television to watch these days, aside from a good documentary here and there. She said she just turns off her t.v. in the evenings and writes court reports. She then stands up for the child in court and is the voice for that foster child. She gives the judge her rundown of what she sees going on and what she feels is in the child's best interest. And the judge takes her report very seriously. She is my hero. I hope I am doing such meaningful work when I am her age.

Don't miss the blessing. Become a foster parent. Become a CASA-court appointed special advocate. Adopt. Care for the orphan. Open your heart and home. Be the heart, hands and feet of Jesus. He will be there with you all the way. Just do it. The need is great. The time is now.


Scrappy quilter said...

We were foster parents for 6 years and loved every minute of it. Although the need is huge one thing we can be thankful for and that is these precious little ones weren't aborted. Two of the 3 children that we adopted were in our home has foster children. I'm so thankful for the experience of fostering 23 children in those 6 years. Hugs

Jen said...

From one foster parent to another, I feel your pain and sorrow in this post...and the great need for children in our society to find temporary and/or permanent homes. I would like to link this post to my blog if that's o.k. Michelle!? ~ jen

Michelle said...

We've been foster parents for 11 years, and it's a job that brings me much satisfaction and much sorrow. Due to many placements that we "loved and lost" to obscure relatives, we have gone ahead this year to adopt internationally. We want to help children find loving homes, but the foster system is a frustrating one. We will foster again after we get our daughter home from China and she is settled in. We have also recruited several foster parents, and we are fierce about the need for permanence in these children's lives. Blessings on your upcoming adoptions!

Julie said...

Just catching up with you! What great news about the adoption. I'm so excited for you!
I would like to be a CASA worker one day when my nest is smaller. Of course I can't even forsee that day right now. :)

marygems said...

God has given a piece of his heart to you,sharing with you His enormous loving tender care for these helpless babes.I hope you know how grateful He is to you and others who foster.
Sadly Foetal Alcohol Syndrome doesn't just affect babies either.
I fostered teens for 35 years and one who had suffered from this as a babe was still affected at 18, and when life woes overtook him, he took his life using drugs and alcohol, because that was how his mother had dealt with her problems.
Much prayer needed- and huge numbers of homes for these children- O Father, how Your heart must bleed for these.
May God really bless you and other Foster parents.