Thursday, December 1, 2011


Wow. I have been so blessed over the last few days and weeks that I have to blog about it. Let's take today for example. In the midst of the chaos and mess of our home at the moment, a friend calls and prays with me. Another friend comes over to visit and help as I attempt to make sense of the mess and disorganized state my home is in as I attempt to shuffle all the kids around making room for our newest addition. Another friend then stops by bringing us a full dinner for our evening meal, and she even threw in a chai tea and magazine (which I will be enjoying both right after this post! :) She also leaves her older son here who helped tremendously with yard work, and later helped watch the little ones as I prepared dinner. You would think that was the end of my blessings today, but another friend sent over two loaves of zucchini bread this evening, and plans on sending a meal over next week, and then one other friend called and offered to come over and do dishes or laundry!!

Yesterday I was telling a friend that I will not be able to participate in our homeschool co-ops cookie exchange this year, as I won't have time to make dozens of cookies this year. Unbelievably, a few hours later, I got a message from two other friends telling me they are going to be getting together to make tons of cookies and that they are also going to make mine for me!

I am overwhelmed by the kindness and blessings that are overflowing from friends and people all around us. We have had an outpouring of love from so many. This little guy has had a bed donated by friends, bedding, and a toddler bed was donated for Lexi who has now graduated out of her crib!! She loves her new big girl bed! We have had clothes and toys, and meals and more coming our way. I cannot express our gratitude and thankfulness enough. Another friend came over the other day bringing two meals, one to eat, and one to freeze for later, and she refused to leave until I had time to put some of the children to bed. She held and fed the baby while I got some of the others ready for bed. I do not deserve this! I am seeing Jesus in all of these friends and I am humbled and so very thankful for such beautiful, wonderful, sweet friends and I thank the Lord for all of them. You know who you are!!! Love you guys!!!


Tara said...

It fills my heart with gladness to hear Jesus working through all your friends! You have been in my prayers and will continue to be as you tread this path the Lord has made for you. Blessings my friend!


Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

Michelle sweet friend, everytime we see you and think of you with your crew of little foster kiddos WE SEE JESUS! We all lov eyou guys!