Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pure & Simple Christmas

The tree is up, the lights are lit,
there's so much more to do...but instead of focusing on all there is to do this Christmas and becoming overwhelmed and getting sucked into the consumerism that is everywhere, I am choosing to keep it simple.

Most importantly, my goal is to keep my eyes on Jesus, and lead my little lambs to Him.

Yes, there are parties to attend, meals to plan, presents to wrap and more festivities than I can count, but my focus has to remain on Him. If it didn't, why celebrate Christmas at all? It's not about all of that, but about Christ, and that is the best gift of all. It's just so easy, even for christians to fall away from what Christmas really is about. We have to be intentional about staying focused on more of Him, not more of the junk that is out there that the world is trying to sell us this time of year.

And ya know what? It is freeing to know I don't have to do it all, buy it all, and attend every function that is out there. I am going to be so content just sitting around the Christmas tree, sipping egg nog with my little ones gathered around as we read the true Christmas story. Pure and simple, the way Christmas should be.


L~ said...

Ooooh can i get an A-M-E-N sista???!!! :)


Rebecca said...

Absolutely perfectly put! We just lose sight of the real message of Christmas when we hustle and bustle too much!