Friday, December 30, 2011

Foster care update!

It's been awhile since I've done an update! I guess after our adoption finalized with Lexi, I've just been so relieved and thankful, that thinking about the other cases I have just didn't cross my mind.

Let's start with baby Riah! He's been home two months and is 7 mos. old now! At his last hearing they postponed it for 2 weeks, so I will be attending that in the next week. At that hearing the plan is to change his case to adoption, which is what they have said all along, they just need to get into court, and get it officially changed with the judge. His court appointed guardian stopped by last week, and said that he,  in fact, was NOT going to be recommending the relative placement that wants him. They have this little ones older brother, and he is not sure how, since they cannot pass a background check. The SW also states that they will not ever recommend that relative placement. So, as of now, the recommendation is for him to stay with us. Baby Riah is a very intense baby. He is super anxious in his attachment to me, which means he can be very calm in a room but if I walk in he immediately starts whining and his entire body becomes anxious. I am attempting to "wear" him as much as I can to help him feel more secure. He is happy and content in my arms. He also has a lot of high muscle tone, which I am working with and he will most likely be going in for a physical therapy evaluation in the near future. Due to his anxiousness-screaming when being put down, he is not working through his developmental milestones very well! We will continue to work on this!

Laney's bio parents have a termination of parental rights trial coming up next week. At that time she will become legally free. Due to the fact that the father fights all the way, he will most likely appeal, but with nothing to base it on, it shouldn't drag things out too much further. As soon as we have the word, we will begin the adoption process with her and her brother. And that's it! It seems like we are finally winding down on her case, which will be a relief!

On one other note, we went to the first visit for Lexi's open adoption agreement yesterday.. The written agreement states that she gets one visit a year. She wrote us a letter back saying she is dying to see her, and name the place and time and she would be there. She did not show up. So, our little pumpkin had a fun afternoon out with just mommy and daddy! :) It will be interesting to see if she contacts us with any type of excuse. We will probably give her another chance, but not for awhile.

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Scrappy quilter said...

It's so good to read your update. Lots of good things happening with your foster care. And the little one in the cute. Hugs