Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall fun!

Fall outings to the pumpkin farms are the best! Miranda found the perfect pumpkin to carve here. After this we enjoyed a hayride, pumpkins being shot out of cannons, and homemade pumpkin donuts at this place!
This was Lilyann's first time to the pumpkin patch. She found this pumpkin and went up to it to touch it with one finger.

I also love fall because that's when our snowberry bushes are in full bloom!

Fall decorating is my favorite!! Here is our table centerpiece we've been enjoying this year.

Now that the leaves are falling, we'll have big piles of leaves from the maple and cottonwood trees. The girls love going for rides in the garden cart. Pretty soon we'll be able to dump them out into the piles of leaves! Last year we missed out on this because we were in China, all the leaves fell while we were gone, and it was too cold when we got back to go out and play! Our leaves didn't get raked up until spring. This year we will be enjoying ourselves outdoors as much as possible.


chicknboy said...

I LOVE Fall too.
Both girls look so much older..but Miranda looks like a young lady compared to when I met her last year. :)
blessings my friend! :)

Dawn said...

Oh...I love fall. We don't have trees that drop leaves, but Grandma does. Kyle just said yesterday.."Mom we can't forget to go to Grandmas to play in the leaves. We'll think of you guys as we are playing.