Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First haircut!!

It was time for Lilyann's first haircut! Miranda needed one too. She has grown her bangs out, but decided she was ready to have them cut again!
She asked the stylist to make her hair curly, and below you'll see that she got a little more than she asked for!
Here's Lilyann getting the first snip, she did really well!! Nothing like Miranda's first haircut when she was 2. I have the cutest scrapbook layout of her first haircut, but she looks so sad and pitiful, with big tears streaming down her face. Not Lilyann. She LOVES having her hair done. She brings me things she finds around the house to do her hair with, and she stands very still until I am done!
Curly with Neon stripes, now this made her smile!!! Not something she gets to do every day, that's for sure!
Lilyann even got her hair curled, after her bangs were cut, and she didn't want to come down from the Seahorse! What a fun time!


~~ said...

So cute! Isn't the first hair cut like a right of passage? ;)

Wendi said...

I have the shots of Megan with big tears. She was doing great until she used the spray bottle to wet her bangs. That sent her over the edge.

Love how she finished off the girls hair!

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

too cute!!!!!!