Thursday, October 9, 2008

A giveaway!!

To enter to win a wonderful farm gift basket, go here!

Lately I have been amazed at all the amazing blogs there are out there. I love so many different kinds, adoption, farm, primitive, decorating, crafty blogs, and more! They are all out there, any blog for any interest! I could read them all day, but I can't! So, I have to pick and choose the ones I like the best, and most of all manage my time so that I am only on the computer a little each day. Ideally, I will only spend time on the computer during the night when the kiddos are sleeping, or once in awhile during quiet time, if the housework, and schoolwork is caught up!

Have a great day!

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Tereasa said...

Just wanted to let you know... I feel the same way! I actually look at your blog every time you update, but rarely leave a comment. Just breezing through my favorites gives me enough time to keep up with everyone. It's good to read about your girls and all your farm critters. You are so blessed!