Saturday, October 25, 2008

Take a stand!

Sue over at Praise and Coffee sums it up so well. Please take a moment to read her post titled, "I vote for Life". I am astounded at the amount of christians that are voting for someone who is for abortion, as well as partial birth, late term abortion. Our country is one of the only countries that allows this horrific act. So many people have been led to believe that this "option" is one they are entitled to, and that it is a choice they can live with. Many people do not realize that those who have had abortions are living with the pain and regret every day of their lives. I cannot imagine standing before God one day and trying to explain why I voted for someone who does not support life-and the miracles of His creation. Whether my vote wins or not, my conscience will be at peace.
I pray that christians out there will not allow fear of an uncertain economic future to be at the forefront of their minds this election. I pray they will make the right decision.
May you be blessed!!


This Country Girl said...


Very well said. I will be taking a stand too. In spite of an uncertain economic future, those are the issues that I look at too...I know God is going to take care of us no matter what the economy looks like, and I want to stand before HIM with a clear conscious too...knowing I voted for the candidate(s) that stand for the right thing. I really respect you for voicing this!

Have a great weekend!

Tereasa said...

Amen! Have you seen the video linked at Smiles and Trials?

Teresa said...


Michelle said...

Amen! I am going over to the link you posted...thanks for sharing! I am also ASTOUNDED at the number of Christians in our neighborhood with O*BAM*A signs in their front lawn!

asnipofgoodness said...

I couldn't agree more!!! Hi there, your new swap partner here. I was just hanging out at your blog a spell, trying to get to know you a bit better. It's a very nice place to spend some time! Have a great day!!

Praise and Coffee said...

Amen, thanks for spreadig the word!

Anonymous said...

I vote for life too.

thanks for speaking out!