Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A farmhouse Christmas...

We live in an old farmhouse we have fixed up over the years. Primitive decorating fits so well in an old country farmhouse, and I started collecting snowmen right after we moved in, 14 years ago! Above is one of my newest, and most loved snowmen! I got this treasure at a local shop last year, where the owner was so kind and trusting she let me leave without paying, when I realized I forgot my wallet! I came the very next day and paid!! I just love this snowdoll!
Here's another little snowgirl I found last year on a trip to Idaho during Christmas time. I love her and her rusty jingle bell garland.

Here's a snowangel ornament that hangs on my tree. I have collected so many primitive ornaments that I treasure over the years, that this year, not even half of them fit on the tree!

I don't decorate with santa's at all, but someone gave me this guy, and I really liked him, especially his snowman ornament! Can ya tell I'm a bit crazy about snowmen???
This is one of the stitchery pillows I did a couple years ago. It's snowman themed, so of course it had to stay with me!! Anyone else love snowmen as much as me??? They never go out of style, and every Christmas season, I find myself loving them more!!!


Kindra said...

Love all your snowmen! That was so nice of the shop gal to let you leave with that snowman without paying. You don't see that too often. They are all screaming prim! :)

Linda said...

I love your snowmen too! I decorate with both snowmen and Santa's. It's nice we can leave the snowmen out all winter!!

art said...

I love primitive decorations!! Your snowmen are all adorable!


chicknboy said...

I decorate with snowmen too! just last night John said "don't ya think we have enough snowmen around here?!" :) and I'm not fond of Santas either!

I love all of your primitive looking ones -so charming!

Lisa said...

I love your first and newest snow doll... I have the same one and it is posted on my blog.


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