Monday, December 15, 2008

We have SNOW!

We were away this weekend on a little mini winter vacation to a wonderful place that had lots of snow, and when we got home last night, we found our home was also covered in snow too! YEAH! It is so beautiful, and we have lots of fun playing in it. Unfortunately, I won't be able to today, since I am working all day, but I wouldn't be able to if I was home either because little Lily has a bad case of the chicken pox! We discovered this after we arrived at our mountain lodge on Saturday. It was a long, long drive home last night, and she was SO uncomfortable. Poor baby. We still had lots of fun, and the girls loved the snow there. Lilyann loved eating it the most!



Wendi said...

We are expecting our first real snowfall today. Only an inch or two, but I am excited!

chicknboy said...

how wonderful!! snow!

our high country is getting snow as I type this -we're hoping to make a trip up there after the holidays.

praying for sweet Lilyann-chicken pox is no fun!

Anonymous said...

I miss snow!!!!