Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow, Cookies, and Christmas...

The days are all running together....I am trying to slow down and enjoy the season, however I find myself busier than ever. My only goal for this weekend was to bake my Christmas cookies so the girls and I could decorate them, but that didn't happen. I ran around getting last minute Christmas details in order, and that always takes up more time than I hope.
We have snow, and lots of it...and we may have two more feet by tomorrow night! I love it, it is beautiful around here. We did take time to drive around this evening and look at some Christmas lights. We also watched some Christmas movies the last two evenings.
Every year we try to "adopt" a family for Christmas. We then deliver food and gifts to them on the 24th. Some years we have taken on large families, other years we adopt a single mom with a child or an elderly person. This year we are going to take lots of toys to the mission, which they said they are in need of. Tomorrow I will find out if there is a family we can help. This always adds so much to the spirit of Christmas. It is a tradition I hope we can continue with for many years to come.

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