Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sun Mountain Lodge

One of our family traditions is to take a mini vacation right before Christmas. We usually try to go somewhere where we can experience a winter wonderland. This year we went to Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop, Wa., pictured above. Jeff and I love this place, and we have been going since before we had kids. We think it should be called Snow Mountain Lodge. They have an outdoor ice skating rink with an amazing view. They also offer Sleigh rides, and the ride takes you up into the woods, where you get off for awhile and enjoy a cup of cocoa and cookies. The lodge is decorated beautifully with a huge Christmas tree in the lobby, and there is a restaurant, gift shop, game room, outdoor hottubs, and library. We love relaxing in our room by the fire.
Here are the girls this year, as they helped unpack the car, and go see the room. They couldn't wait to come back out and play in the snow!

Snow came really late there this year, and only started the day before we arrived. Due to this, the Sleigh rides were not ready yet! As we were leaving, we saw them coming up the hill, on their way to the lodge. Too bad we couldn't stay longer. Miranda cried and cried as we passed this scene on the way out. Maybe next year, Miranda.

We visited the little western town of Winthrop. Cute shops, and the town Christmas bazaar was happening in a big red barn. Got some Christmas shopping done! Here's Lilyann, as she discovered snow is edible. Yum!

And, on our way home, we had ot stop at the cute bavarian Christmas town of Leavenworth, Washington. This place is a dream during Christmas time! We love it, and hope to stay there next year, and spend a few days shopping, and enjoying the festive atmosphere. Unfortunately we couldn't stay long. We had to get home, Lilyann wasn't feeling well with her chicken pox, and it was getting late!


day by day said...

How nice that you were able to get away!! Looks like a wonderful place to visit!

Have a great week!!!

Michelle said...

Oh, how funny!! The first two comments are from Michelle and Michelle on Michelle's blog. lol

This place looks like an absolutely amazing place to visit. So glad to hear you had a fun family getaway!

Wendi said...

That sounds like so much fun! I would love to take a sleigh ride; I might have cried it I had missed it too!

asnipofgoodness said...

What a wonderful tradition!!

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I would just love to see some snow :( In Alabama, we seldom see any. Just rain.......Thanks for sharing your trip. Merry Christmas.