Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Blessing!

Meet DeeDee, my sister in law. She is my little brother's wife. Yesterday she threw a late Mother's Day tea for all the special people in her life, who are mothers. This lady has class, and style. I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was.
All the tables were decorated like this, and we had a three course meal. She planned all of it herself. We were in a room with big windows, overlooking a lake, on a beautiful, sunny day.

Here's the first course, fresh brie and fresh fruit. There were also teas, wines, and other crackers and breadsticks available. She also had a gift bag at each seat, with a scarf in it for each person. Mine was just perfect!

Here she is preparing all the main dish salads, shrimp Louie. She is so cheerful. She loves to do special things like this for others. The amazing thing is she is not even a mom herself, she just loves to celebrate the other people who are mom's in her life!

Here's my salad up close. Mmmmm. This was delicious. And for dessert, she served creme brule in a chilled chocolate dish. What a special day we had, just had to share with you all!

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day by day said...

Wow...that looks like such a beautiful and well planned tea! Your SIL seems like such a wonderful lady and must have a gift for hostessing!! Glad you had a nice time.