Thursday, May 21, 2009

Greens & Beans-a girls best friends!

I haven't done a weight loss or healthy eating post lately, so I think it's about time! I can officially say I am now 20 lbs. lighter than I was ONE year ago! It's been a long road, and a lot of work, but I have gotten to this point, with about 20-30 lbs. to go to get to where I was a few years ago!
I will advise that weighing yourself on a regular basis is always a good way to stay on top of your weight. About 6 months ago, I developed a scale phobia. I was just sure I had been gaining weight, and one day decided I couldn't face it and refused to weigh myself. Still, I was working out almost daily on my elliptical, eating my greens and beans daily, and limiting sugar, and white flour items. But, I just felt like there was nothing changing. I started a christian sharing program when I cut back my hours at work since I no longer qualify for insurance benefits working so little. I needed some way to cover myself if I do have any medical needs, and this seemed like a great way to do it. The organization required all my stats when I signed up, weight, height, blood work of all kinds. The results were in, and they were not good. My blood sugar was up again, cholesterol levels were not good either. So, they placed me in their program to restore my health as a stipulation to being part of their program. They assigned a health coach. The first person I had just didn't seem to be a good fit, so they switched me to a new coach. I immediately realized that this lady was tough! She was loving, and motivating, but she knew how to push me, challenge me, and get me thinking in more health consciense ways when I needed that boost. She's the one who finally talked me into finally getting on the scale again. I was amazed to find that I had lost weight! I really thought I would see the scale at 20 lbs. more than it was! I remember her saying "Michelle, greens and beans are your best friends!" This was hard to hear at first, I mean, who wants them as best friends?? I had to learn to love these friends. I had to learn to cook with them in new and delicious ways, and you know what? I did! I needed them to restore what was going on inside my body, and I need to keep them as close friends for the rest of my life. The trick was always searching and finding new ways to enjoy these friends. There really are amazing and easy ways to prepare and enjoy beans and greens! I don't miss the meat that was clogging my arteries with the bad cholesterol, I get all the protein I need from these best friends of mine. I actually crave these friends now. There are so many different types of beans. I love black beans, but there are also pinto, kidney, and all sorts of white beans. I have a new cook book coming that I hope to blog about soon, and I also hope to share some of the recipes I have been using in the upcoming months.
I also recently inherited my grandmothers recipe box. The other day my mom was over, and she was talking about some of the things her mom (grandma) used to make. I looked through the box, and found some of these written on recipe cards. I have to say most are not healthy. But, I will try some occasionally and that is okay, moderation is the key, and I won't feel too guilty if I have been consistent with my greens and beans. I hope to share some of these recipes too, from grandmas old recipe box.


Cora said...

Great post, this is something I really need to focus on, I would love to hear you recipes

Kelli said...

Congratulations on your weightloss, that is wonderful!

Dalyn (AKA The Queen of Quite Alot) said...

Great post Michelle! Great job losing 20 lbs! I need to lose at least 10 and 15 would be better. I could do it easily enough if I could kick the Starbucks habit...we have decided (Doug and I) that they must lace their coffee with's that addicting! Terrible ad expensive habit. I quit once, until Doug's mom got so sick and I was traveling all the time. I got a ewe lamb a couple days ago *U*

Anonymous said...

Great Job Michelle!! I too, have lost almost 20 lbs :). We gave up daily coffee and have only gone out for a "latte" once a month as a treat. Started eating only when hungry and eating much smaller portions. Kev and I have taken up jogging as well. Down 17 lbs in 2.5 months.

Isn't it the BEST feeling to step on that scale and see so much gone!?

plain*worker*primitives said...

I would love to see some recipes too! Good job losing the 20... I am in the same boat, I would like to lose about that much..just to -feel- better not so sluggish.

have a great day :)