Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wings and a Prayer

Somewhere I read that the greatest gift we can give our children is faith in God, and wings to soar. As does the bird eventually fly from its nest, so too will our little ones leave home when it is time to explore the world on their own. No longer will they be tiny sparrows, but with the right upbringing, hopefully they will exit the nest with the wings of an eagle; strong and able. It is necessary to prepare children how to fully deal with all the responsibilities of the outside world, but it is more important that this foundation stems from a righteous source; God. Faith in God offers us hope when times seem bleak, and inner strength when we feel like succumbing to weakness. Faith in God provides us the knowledge that we are here on this planet not just to eat, sleep, work, and play, but for a much deeper reason; to share love, and worship God in everything we do and say. Faith in God is a responsiblity in itself for we are then stewards and ambassadors of the most precious knowledge. Our children may not always grow up to be award winning novelists, and famous actors, but to be called a child of Christ is more honorable than any earthly title. Parents hold a significant part in the raising of their children, and while both mothers and fathers are important aspects to every family, on Mother's Day it is a time to honor women who have given of their heart for the sake of their child. Happy Mother's Day!!!
The following is a short Mother's day prayer:
"Heavenly Father, sometimes the role of mother goes unappreciated and unnoticed, yet, thank you God, for showing us how valuable these women are in society, and in your precious sight. Thank you, God, for your continued guidance so that we may teach our children to grow in ways that will make you proud, and thank you for helping us to be honorable vessels which teach by example, rather than mere word. Our thanks, God, may not always be immediate, but when our children have their own children, and we will see that the good ways we have taught them are again passed on to another generation, may our hearts be filled with gladness! This we ask in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen."


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I pray I can give my kids wings to soar.

Tereasa said...

I am still recovering from the retreat! What a blessing it was! Why didn't I go to one sooner? Thank you for introducing me to Above Rubies. You are a light!