Monday, May 4, 2009

Toe paint!

I believe I can no longer call my girl a toddler. She is acquiring much more mature interests, and one of them is...

Toe paint! This is a term she came up with. She is always wanting her toenails polished, "like mommy" she states. So, last night I gave in to her request, and we painted her little toenails. She was in love! The smile on her face was priceless! When I finished, she looked down at her feet, and began waving at her toes, saying, "Hi, toe paint!". I laughed! I then saw her walking around the house staring at her toes, almost bumping into the walls, saying, again, over and over, "hi, toe paint". Oh, my goodness, it was too cute! Later, when I tucked her into bed, she was very sad to have to tuck her little toes in under the covers. Later, when I came in the room to check on her, she had them out and she was talking to her toes! Toe paint...who would have thought???


Tereasa said...

That is too cute!

Karen said... cute!

Michelle said...

"Hi, toe paint" - that's so cute!! I hope she sits still better than Mia does!