Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A recent conversation...

Here's my little sweetie the way she goes to bed every night, hugging her Ellie! She still loves her elephants!
Well, I was at work the other day, and daddy was up that morning getting breakfast for the girls. L loves cereal, and she is very disappointed if there is something else being prepared for breakfast. Lucky for her, it was a cereal morning. Now, some of you may remember the food issues we had with L since the beginning. She still has some lingering effects, but she is doing much better. But, as you will see in this conversation, there are still some deep seated issues that revolve around food for her. Here is the conversation between her and daddy:

L: Daddy, I want more cereal!
Daddy: Ok, one more bowl, but that's all. (she eats big servings, and eats them very fast-still).
L: Thank you, da da
Daddy: You're welcome
L: (Finished with her second bowl within moments) Daddy, I want piece of toast like M.
Daddy: No, you are all done with breakfast now, M is having one piece of toast because she just had one bowl of cereal. Go play now.
L: That not fair! I mad! Where the phone???!!
Daddy: Why do you need the phone?
L: I call Mama!
Daddy: Why do you want to call Mama?
L: You not feed me!

So, as you see, she still feels deprived, even after two large, adult size bowls of cereal. We sure did get a kick out of this one, though. To think just a few months back she was barely even putting 3 words together, and now she expresses herself like this. I am a little worried looking ahead though, M is 8 and has never expressed herself in this way! What are we in for???!


Calico Sky said...

I have to laugh, it is such a British thing to call all elephants Ellie!

Julie said...

My oldest is a lot like this with food. It's hard for others to understand our strictness on how much food she gets.
She was a lot like this for the first two years, but she was a bit older than your darling. :)