Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An unlikely place...

Last weekend we spent saturday car shopping in Seattle. Car shopping all day with 3 little girls in the car was quite an adventure...and thankfully, after striking out all day, the last place we went to had the exact vehicle we were looking for! On Sunday Jeff decided to clean the garage so that we could fit our new mini van inside. As he lifted up this bike helmet that was hanging from a nail, this is what he found inside:

Looks fake doesn't it? In fact, M was helping him clean the garage and she came in to tell me about the nest and how daddy thought I put it there, because he knows I love bird nests and this one looked too perfect to be real. I came out and was very surprised as well! I assured him did not put a bird nest in a helmet...what would be the reason for that?? I like to display my birdnests! He still didn't believe me because the eggs looked fake! They were sort of light blue speckled on one side with a line across the middle and grey on the other half. prove to him that I did not "plant" this bird nest, I cracked one of the eggs open, and to his surprise, it was a real egg, yoke and all!

M is sure this is an hummingbird nest, as she read somewhere that hummingbird eggs are the size of jelly beans, as these eggs were! But, I am not sure if that is the case. Either way, this was a fun discovery!!!

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Calico Sky said...

Wow, how lovely!

How did the mama bird get in the garage? Is she coming back?