Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here we go again...

As many of you know, I work one day per week out of the home as a pediatric Occupational therapy practitioner. I have loved this job for 13 years! Last year, due to the swine flu scare, they began mandating flu vaccine to all employees that work for the hospital I work for. I refused, as I don't believe they should force a vaccine on anyone. Finally, after talks with supervisors, etc., they finally told me that they didn't want to lose a good employee over this.
Well, this year, even though the swine flu issue turned out to be much less than what was predicted, my hospital is cracking down and stating that we must all be in 100% compliance and get the flu vaccine which is seasonal and H1N1 all in one shot this year. This year they are saying that we will be taken off the payroll if we do not comply. That's their version of saying they will fire us if we don't give in to forced vaccines, I guess. I have let them know that I have not changed my mind from last year. Will I be fired? Stay tuned to find out!


Jenni Price Illustration said...

After so many years there I hope they will not keep this rule for your sake!



denimflyz said...

Please stand your ground. These vaccines are poisoned.
The only problem is: At this time in the economic stress of the country, mandates are imposed upon people when the people are between a rock and a hard place. Feed and house the family, or lose the job to the company.
It is not my call, but I guard my health with my life as being a cancer survivor, I do not take things lightly.

My thoughts are with you in your decision

Abbey said...

I have heard of quite a few medical practices doing this! I think it is HORRIBLE. Can you ask for an exemption?
We don't believe in many vaccines for religious reasons. I think it would be religious persecution if a company forced vaccines on someone despite convictions. How wrong!