Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What part of the gospel is optional?

Have you read this book? No, I was not asked to review it, I just have to share it with the world!! The way I got this book into my hands is a miracle in itself, and reading it was an absolute incredible blessing. It's amazing how God provides even before you ask or act in some cases. This book is hands down, the most important book, besides the Bible I have ever read. It left me speechless, and, well...speechless. I cannot adequately describe it. It answered so many questions I have had lately, and I finished it, wanting more. I have never re-read a book in my entire life, but I am ready to re-read this one. I highly recommend this book to anyone.
Read it, it will change you, and it will challenge you in ways no book ever has. I am so grateful to have found it! And, I have an extra copy!!! If you want it, be the first to email me and it is yours!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Michelle, thankyou so much for mentioning this book! Another friend of mine has recommended it to me too, I am going to have to try and track down a copy! ;) xx

The Momma said...

It's on my list:) Have you read A Hole In Our Gospel? I just finished that one and can't seem to go back to life as it was for me.... things are gonna change;)

The Momma said...

ohhh.. if you still have the extra copy... I'll take it;) buy it off you