Monday, April 28, 2008

Day at the park

Lilyann enjoyed the new feeling of walking and playing in the green grass. She found dandelions, and examined them.
We went for a jog around the track, go Lilyann, go!!!
Miranda brought her Pupcake with her. She absolutely loves taking her to the park for walks!
Whee! Lilyann's first time at the playground, with the help of big sister!
Spring is in bloom, and it's been so great to get outside with the girls! Stay tuned for more spring fun!!!


Tereasa said...

You've had such a long winter. I know you must be happy to get out to the park. The girls look thrilled!

Anonymous said...

Look how sweet!

Oh we miss you guys, especially watching little miss Lilyann grow and bloom.

I caught up with all your posts and wish I could reply to them all!

Missing you & praying for you!