Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My sweet little lamb

No, I don't normally torture my children like this. I thought it would be so cute to dress Lilyann up as a little lamb. She didn't think it was so cute. Poor baby. I guess I'll just have to get a real lamb for the pasture.

Here is an update on Lilyann:

She still loves being carried in the carrier, but will still walk up to other adults wanting to be picked up if we put her down.
She is eating independently, even with a spoon, but for attachment reasons, we are continuing to feed her both bottle (us holding it), and spoon feeding her ourselves.
She still loves to eat...anything! And she still cries and screams when we say "all done".
She is a litte lover. Tonight when we were going through our bedtime routine, I was holding her in a cradle position singing to her, with soft music playing in the background, and a soft light on. She puckered her lips and made this sound "mmmmwwwaaaa". That's her kissing sound. She proceeded to give me 5 kisses in a row, all on her own, not prompted by me.
She is using baby sign language like crazy. She now signs "thank you" all the time. She is using so many of the signs we've taught her, that she has surpassed my ability to come up with new signs to teach her! (I better get my book out).
She is saying many words on her own as well.
She loves shoes, and even if she is just toddling around the house in her big cloth diaper, she brings me her shoes to put on her, (after she tries to put them on herself).
She is just now starting to hold baby dolls, and she will hug and rock them, it's precious!!
She is also finally able to touch stuffed animals. She never liked anything but hard toys before, which was common among the other babies adopted in our travel group.
She loves markers and crayons, and likes to imitate her big sister, and she is scribbling on paper, but mostly she likes to just walk around the house with one in her hand.
She is developing so well, and is starting to be able to play with Miranda a little more each day, which is always so fun to watch.
I am blessed.


Annie said...

That is one of the most adorable pictures I have ever seen!!!


Tereasa said...


A Special Family said...

Oh it is so wonderful to read how well she is doing! She is a little lamb!
p.s. hope you got my email with link?

Ronda said...

Yes-you are so blessed and I think she looks like a cute little lamb-funny how us adults think our kids will like what we think is cute.

Handwoven Dreams said...

Lilyann is truly blossoming, Michelle! It is truly so sweet to watch relationships develope and mature between siblings!


chicknboy said...

that picture is too funny! :) She is not enjoying that outfit at all!

Kindra said...

Lilyann is just the cutest! You are so blessed to have your beautiful girls!
Thanks for stopping by at my blog! I meant to comment a few days ago but I had a little guy on my lap and was a little hard to type...:)
You have a great blog and I enjoyed seeing all the fun celebrations that you had in the past months.
I will be back to visit soon!

Anonymous said...

WOW. She sounds EXACTLY like our Jameson. I mean, I went down the list and litterally it sounds just like him!