Thursday, April 17, 2008


I have been seeing so many blog posts on Oprah lately, that I felt I should post my thoughts. Many people have a clip of what Oprah is saying these days about the newest campaign she is running, so it is easy to find. It really is a huge deal, mainly because so many people love her, and look up to her.

I heard Oprah say that she was a christian on her show just the other day. She really doesn't know the Word of God though, or she wouldn't be teaching what she is. There are not many paths to God. The Bible clearly states that there is only one way to God, through His son Jesus Christ. I have seen people commenting that they feel so many christians are attacking or condemning her. It has nothing to do with condemning others, or not being tolerant of others, but what christians are speaking out about is that Oprah is stating that she is a christian, then preaching false doctrine that seems so wonderful. This is exactly what the Bible warns against. People can so easily be led astray, and it can often be masked in wonderful, feel good ways. This is what is happening with the whole Oprah thing. I will continue to pray for her, as well as pray that more and more people will see that this is not the truth of christianity.

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K1 said...

Michelle, I applaud you for saying what needs to be said in this regard.