Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We were showered!!

On Sunday, some of our church family had a shower for us. It was a great blessing! This lady is the one who put it on, and she served an amazing Chinese feast of all things delicious, and also showered the girls with gifts. She is multi-talented, and also made the cutest chinese lantern quilt pictured below. I know Lilyann and I will cherish it for a very long time! It was a fun afternoon. Here are some pictures from there, as well as Lilyann sitting in the middle of all her cute new clothes, she will be one well dressed little girl.

We also got a call from the state adoption social worker today, (remember, we are foster licensed too)! She had some interesting info, and a situation for us to consider....check back for more!


Michelle said...

what a blessing that shower must have been! Such a beautiful quilt too!

Katy said...

Wow!!! How wonderful!!! Looks like a wonderful time! :)

Ronda said...

What a fun shower...Lilyann got spoiled. She is changing so much-growing up. What is with the exciting news-you can't leave us hanging to long. Keep us posted

Mrs. U said...

What a blessing!!!! And what a gorgeous quilt!! The sweet lady is not only kind but very talented, too!!

And your daughter is just breath-taking!!! I know you must be over the moon in love with her. :)

Mrs. U

Tereasa said...

Very beautiful quilt!

Stop it. You are torturing me! I had a feeling your news had something to do with the state. I'll be checking back frequently for news!

Anonymous said...

I have tears. What an incredible blessing. We should be doing this for every family that adopts.

FosterMom said...

Looks like you were blessed greatly! Congrats! I'm getting really excited for our adoptive shower too - not so much for the presents (although that will be fun) but for the fun and fellowship and to be able to share the joy of our impending adoptions. We've been asked to share our testimony of the kids too, so that will be fun.