Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Foster babies update...

Our two foster baby girls thankfully have the same social worker, and the same CASA/GAL (court appointed special advocate, guardian ad litem).
The SW comes once a month to see how the babies are doing, per law. She doesn't usually bring much information with her, but she is open to any questions we have and always welcomes emails if we forget to ask about something. Our foster babies don't have any court dates coming up any time soon. Baby L, who we have had for well over a year now will have a court date in Nov. to set a date to have the termination of parental rights trial. These trials are usually set 6 months out from then. So, baby L will more than likely be 2 yrs. old by the time this occurs. This is also when they will decide where she will go, or if she will stay. Alot also rides on what happens to her mom. Will she still be in jail? Will she be out, and complying with her treatment plan? The great-great uncle and aunt have been approved as a placement as well, but they are out of state. If termination of mom's parental rights does happen, it will come down to us or the relatives. Mom's wishes will be considered. The GAL will advocate for what she thinks is in baby L's best interest in will be an intense day...and one we all wish would be much sooner than later. So, we have a long wait, still. In the meantime, I am loving all this baby time we have with her, and I am also sad that her mom is missing it all. Foster parenting brings up so many emotions, and I think every case is different. I know baby L's mom wants her, as many of these parents do, but they just don't have the ability to make the changes that need to occur in many cases. In this case, we would love to do an open adoption. Please pray that this option will be fully looked at and considered in the coming months and that when this case gets closer to an end, all parties will agree. We would love for her mom to stay connected, if she is not able to parent. Please pray that the Lord's hand will continue to be upon this situation and that we will all trust in Him as this case plays out.
Baby C's parents haven't shown up for one visit yet this month. So sad, and hard to comprehend. Please pray her case will not be extended out as long as baby L's! Please pray for God's guidance and wisdom for everyone involved. We greatly appreciate it!

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Maura said...

It always blows my mind when parents miss visits. You get so little time with your baby to start with and then to not show up. I hope C's case is quicker then L's. Our foster daughters case sounds like it will take at least until she is 2 or older before rights will be terminated if they are. It’s tough for it to take so long. I feel like everyone should have a chance to get their child back but to drag it out so long just seems unfair to all parties involved, and most importantly unfair to baby L. I will be praying for your family. The girls are right where they need to be right now sometimes it’s hard to remember that when the future is so uncertain.