Friday, September 24, 2010

Why can't I be a fancy farmgirl?

Oh my goodness...I just came across this blog and I am ashamed to say...I am jealous. Just look at this woman. And her chicken coop...I am drooling. And the phots of her chickens...stunning. And the creative conference she attended, love it! And she met Mary Jane Butters, of Mary Jane's farm. And she is just the coolest farm chick I've ever seen. Now, my mind is spinning, how can I get my chicken coop to look like that? I am on a mission...and it's starts tomorrow, with the barn...and it's overdue paint job. Pictures to just wait fancy farmgirl, I will have a coop like that one day!!!!


Handwoven Dreams said...

Sounds fun! I have been in the midst of re-arranging bedrooms, re-arranging things on the walls and it has been so super fun! It has truly been a refreshing experience for me. Have fun! I'll look forward to your pix and may post some myself!

Still praying :o)

denimflyz said...

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It comes out every two months, and is filled with wonderful things and is a very sweet magazine.
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Take care