Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No WAY!!!!!!!!!!

I appologize for this post....but I really, really, REALLY have to vent right now.

Casey Anthony was found NOT guilty....where, WHERE is the justice in this world????

I accidentally got hooked on watching this trial, because a few weeks ago, I was on a long car ride, and I started listening to it on the radio to stay awake while driving and I was hooked!

The jury came to their conclusion in only about 10 hrs. that she was not guilty on all counts. There is noone that would have thought this would happen. Everyone knows she's guilty of killing her daughter. I am so shocked, as is everyone else I have seen. They interviewed this huge group standing outside the courtroom in Orlando the people felt exactly as I do--many of them were even in tears--crying--totally shocked and appalled that the jury did this.

It is so obvious-it's common sense. This girl never reported her daughter missing, never looked for her, and her car smelled like there was a dead body inside. Where is the justice? Even her parents felt she was guilty and there was no look of relief on their faces when the verdict was announced. Wow. I am stunned.


Carla said...

She will answer to a higher judge someday...no jury of her peers involved. So sad.

ohiofarmgirl said...

There really is very little justice in this world but God knows what has happened. What Mother doesn't look for her missing child? That was enough evidence..just that. But God's ways are not our ways. She will have to live with her choices. Dianntha