Thursday, July 21, 2011


After two years of having baby L, the adoption paperwork came in the mail today!!! This feels like such a miracle with all that we have been through with her! We have officially started the process, and her adoption should be complete in a few months! They are also updating our homestudy in preparation for baby C's adoption as well! Her tpr-termination of parental rights trial is set for December. Her parents have opposed every single hearing, fired their attorneys, and filed everything they can to slow down the process instead of working thier plan. They will probably appeal after the termination hearing, but all should finally end at some point in the new year-then on to adoption!

We did get another update on baby C's brother as well. Due to the fact that dcfs has realized that they need to jump through many more hoops to have him removed, they found out it will be a few more weeks before there is a final decision. They spoke again with the aunt who has custody, and she states she does want to work through the issues as well as complete the adoption paperwork, however she has been telling them this for 3 years, and she never follows through. They are at the point that they need to move him on to permancy since she is leaving him unsupervised with bio's and she is not committing to his adoption. Since he is not really in immediate danger at this time, they are going to weigh this carefully, before coming to the final conclusion. I can see where this would be a difficult decision, as he is being cared for and not abused and neglected, yet she is not maintaining her side of the bargain. If they do choose to remove him, they may contact us again about his placement, which we continue to pray about.

On the homefront, things are busy! Today I revived a newborn kitten that I thought was dead, took baby L in for an emergency Dr. appt. after she ate a cashew nut and had an allergic reaction, and finally met up with the lady that is helping me finish my first quilt---the one I started working on 3 years ago! I am already dreaming of the next one I want to create!
Summer is slipping away! We haven't even had a moment to plan a camping trip, or go to the lake! Hopefully soon...


Betsy said...

How exciting! Congratulations!

Scrappy quilter said...

What exciting news. I'm so happy for you. Are you going to show us a picture of the quilt once it's done. I hope so. Hugs