Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yesterday I talked to the SW that is dealing with the situation with baby C's brother. She said that she has met with the big boss, but they still have not come to any conclusion. She was going to call the Aunt again, and try to get her to talk and explain why she isn't fighting for this boy. During the meeting she really seemed overwhelmed with life, and was not committed to adopting him, although she was supposed to have completed his adoption over a year ago. Now the court advocate believes that all along she was allowing him to have a relationship with his bio parents, and she never intended to adopt him. I was told DCFS is going to make a decision soon. He will either be moved, or he will be staying with the Aunt, if they give her another chance. I really hope a decision is made quickly, and I pray it is the right one.

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Jen said...

Michelle - It sounds like you guys have made a decision to not keep this little guy. I totally understand & trust God was w/ you in this decision. We had a little boy leave after two years. It was hard, but we know it was God's will for this little one. I will be praying for a perfect home for this little guy. ...I don't know about for you...but for me, the waiting is always the hardest. Blessings ~ Jen