Sunday, July 24, 2011

**Feeling Blessed**

I was thinking this morning, what a blessing foster care has been! I cannot imagine life without my little baby C and baby L!!! The hugs and kisses they give several times a day, the giggles, the cuteness, how did I get so lucky?

I hear so many people say they could not do foster care because they could not handle it, the drama of the bio families, and possibly handing them off at some point back to the parents, or relatives. Thankfully, as I have walked this path for two years now, I have come to the conclusion that no matter what, if I am walking in obediance to God, caring for His children, He will go before me, and the children will go (or stay) where they belong. Trust. Love. Care. He will give you the strength if your heart is open to giving of yourself to these sweet children in the system that just need stability and a loving family.

There is some sacfifice in it of course. What meaningful endeavors don't come without sacrifice? I have had to turn down many social invites, and instead I focus my time raising and nurturing little ones at home. Hobbies? I have many. They are waiting in boxes for me to come back to. I know I will find the time again in the near future, but I have more pressing demands right now. Babies needing bottles, diaper changes, and baths. It's okay. My hobbies can wait. These two little cuties won't always be so tiny, soft, and snuggly. I am soaking it all in now. Fostering children is caring for orphans in your own community, and country. It is caring for the least of these, and God smiles when He sees that! :) I love my job! The titles are endless, and the blessings are too.... Mommy. Foster parent. Shepherd. Teacher. Nurturer. Caregiver. Provider. Boo boo kisser. Meal maker. Baby cuddler. Hug reciever...and many more. The blessings of becoming a foster parent have far exceeded my expectations!!!

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Penelope said...

Trust. Love. Care. So eloquently written. Will be posting on our Facebook wall.