Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sweet Easter Pictures..

Here's Lilyann with her first ever easter egg! She wasn't quite sure what it was.
Miranda hunted all the eggs around the house before we went to church...she was so excited!
Me and my sweet girls all dressed up in their Easter dresses and ready for church! I wanted one picture of all three of us, and I think this one turned out pretty cute!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of spring! We have so much to do here on our little farm. We will be planting a big garden this year, and Jeff is busy getting all his seeds ready to make starts to plant in the garden! We will have lots of fresh garden veggies this year, as well as lots of flowers bloomin! I get so excited this time each year when I see all my tulips and daffodils poking out of the ground. Soon, we will have so many, that I will get to wander around the yard, looking for the prettiest blooms to cut, as I create a fresh bouquet to bring inside.

Soon, we will finish the fencing, and get started on the barn. Our barn is bigger than our house, so it will be a big job! There are chicken coops to clean, goat stalls to be built, tons of cleaning to be done, as well as repainting the entire exterior! I am going to have to be willing to get dusty and dirty out there! I am determined to get it done, though!

This will be a busy spring! We will be having some visitors, we will be doing some visiting, and I will be going on an adoptive moms retreat soon too!

Wishing you a beautiful spring full of blessings!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fun fotos!

Pupcake had a birthday! She is one! Miranda threw her a little party! I'm not sure what Pupcake thought of her party hat. Her cake consisted of layers of bread and dog food that Miranda put together for her.
Here's happy, smily little Lilyann, with bottle in hand. Her bottle is like her security blanket, she doesn't like to give it up, even if it's been empty for awhile!
Oh, and here's what happens when you leave your 6 yr old to play with the baby while you jump in the shower...
And here's little miss Lily walking! Yes, she has been walking for about 3 weeks now, and finally gets to start using her squeeky shoes we got in China!

Hope you enjoyed these updated photos of my little sweethearts!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Today's Blessings...

Today's blessings:
We all woke up healthy, yeah!
I was able to do a little work outside, and I got all the snowberry bushes trimmed, and started cleaning out the barn for the new critters coming soon.
The grace of a very nice police officer, who let me go with a warning! (I was driving down the highway, and my very talkative 6 yr old had me a bit distracted, I then saw the lights behind me, and he said I was speeding. Luckily, he stated that I hadn't had a ticket since 2005, which is amazing to me, and he was very kind and let me go! Whew! Praise God!
Miranda and I enjoyed a drive in the country and shopping this afternoon.
We ended the evening by meeting Jeff and Lilyann at my favorite mexican restaurant!
Lilyann loves to eat, so taking her to restaurants is easier than we thought it would be with a one yr. old!
Lilyann now gives kisses, and I got lots of them today!

Monday, March 10, 2008

A precious moment

Last night Miranda's kitten got out for the first time at night, and within a few moments, it was gone. We thought she would show up, but she is still missing. Tonight, it is really sinking in, and Miranda is grieving the loss of the kitten she loved. Earlier, I was getting Lilyann into her pajamas, and Miranda was sitting on the bed in tears. Lilyann looked over at her, then looked up at me, and proceeded to walk over to Miranda, where she reached up to her face, then leaned over and layed her head on her lap, giving her the most precious baby hug I have ever seen. She then toddled back over to me, sat down on my lap, smiled up at me, then continued to look over at Miranda with a concerned face. What sweet, compassionate, little girls I have. What a blessing!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Which do you keep?

Are you a keeper of your home, or a keeper of your calendar? Today I had the privlege of hosting a small ladies retreat for my bible study group, and some other friends. We watched "Reclaiming God's plan for women", by Nancy Campbell. She is always so refreshing to listen to. I guess it's because she speaks the truth directly from God's word, and she is also just a very joy filled person. She definately shines for Jesus. Some of the points I love from this new DVD series is how she encourages women in their high calling of motherhood. She also shares her story of how she didn't always feel this way. As a young mother she once felt burdened by motherhood, and felt it was hindering all the work she wanted to do for God. Thankfully, she came to the realization that mothering was a ministry, and a great one. I also love how she so very eloquently speaks about society today, and how even as christians, we may find ourselves just following along with society and it's ways, thus taking on the ways of the world. This has happened with christians and childbearing. I just read Tereasa's post about it at Harvester, and I fully agree! As christians we are really lacking in this area. We are saying that we will have children when we choose, and we will have as many as we choose, while not allowing God into the equation at all. We ask God to be Lord of our lives over so many other areas, but we want to be in control of this one. That's not God's plan. We don't even hear this preached in our churches. I often ask myself why? Women desperately need to be encouraged in their mothering. They need to hear how important their job is. They need to hear how children are a blessing and a great reward. A friend of mine once announced that she was pregnant with her 3rd child. I will never forget her response to all the congrats she was recieving. She seemed to sort of sink down into her chair not wanting the praise. She then stated that she was embarrassed. How sad, that God was blessing her with a 3rd child, yet she felt embarrassed! By the way, her daughter today is just beautiful and very loved! After going to my first Above Rubies retreat in 2006, I had a major reality check. I knew that what I was hearing was truth, and it was so encouraging. When I returned home, we immediately started our paperwork for our China adoption. If it wasn't for that retreat, we would not have Lilyann home with us right now! I am so thankful for this woman who not only speaks the truth, but she encourages us as mothers in a way I have never heard before.

The other point I loved hearing was that of being a keeper of our homes. She asked the question, are you a keeper of your home or your calendar? Sadly, today, most mothers are keepers of their calendars. She encourages mothers to love their homes, and love bringing up your children in your homes. Being out running your children back and forth, here and there for every activity under the sun does not serve them best. In closing today, I want to strive to be a better mother, and a better keeper of my home. I thank God for our little farmhouse, and the family He has filled it with!

Friday, March 7, 2008

We're home!

I got to bring Lilyann home yesterday, and she is sooo much better! She had a long nights rest, and is even better this morning! I have never had issues like this with Miranda, so it was a bit unnerving, but I knew she would get well. Thanks for all the prayers.

Today we are staying home again, and missing MOPS. I am missing a healthy eating and recipe swap there today! Bummer. But, the girls just aren't ready to get back into our regular routine. Today will be a quiet, calm, cozy day at home. Can't beat those days anyway!

More later...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Update on Lilyann

Thank you so much for all your prayers!!! I was at the hospital with her all day, and they want to keep her another night, so I will be going back to spend the night.

Jeff started getting sick about a week ago. He never calls in sick to work, but ended up calling in last thurs and friday, so I knew it was bad. By Saturday, Miranda, Lilyann, and I all had fevers, and flu symptoms. It wasn't a stomach flu, but all the other symptoms, severe aches, chills, high fever, coughs. We were keeping the girls fevers down pretty well with Motrin. At one point on Sunday Lilyann spiked a 104 temp. She was trembling and her lips turned blue. We got the fever down and she got her pink color back. Then last night the same thing happened. She was somewhat non responsive, trembling, and she had purple lips and hands, poor thing!! I called our on call Dr., and he said we needed to take her to the ER. I thought so too, because purple lips mean there is a lack of oxygen somehow. So, since I was still so sick, and Jeff is getting better, he took her in. They did some tests and a chest X ray and said she has pneumonia. They have her on an IV. They are concerned since we have no background on her but the fact that she was a preemie and 3 lbs the day she was found, the day of her birth. Her lungs could be quite compromised due to the prematurity.

I am hoping to bring her home tomorrow and nurture her back to health! She just wants to be held. She is still eating and drinking just fine though! I am optimistic that she will be getting well soon. Thanks again for all the prayers!

Prayers needed...

Please pray for baby Lily. She was rushed to the ER last night, and they admitted her into the hospital. Any prayers are appreciated.
Thank you!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I was tagged by my friend Dalyn at Muckboots ~N~ Aprons, so thought I better do a post here soon. I haven't even thought about it, so let's see what comes to mind.

I am supposed to post 5 unimportant or quirky things about me. Hmmm?

1) You will never, or extremely rarely catch me reading fiction of any kind. I just can't, I have stacks of books just waiting to be read, and all are the types of books I want to learn something from. That could be anything from health, homesteading, scrapbooking, homeschooling. Right now I am reading a book on the Charlotte Mason model of homeschooling, which I love!

2) You will also never, or extremely rarely catch me watching a movie at home. I have even tried to have family movie nights, but I can't get into it.. books, researching, or working on projects are much more interesting to me! I will, however go to an occasionl movie at a theatre and enjoy that, but it is not often that there is a decent adult movie out there, so it is usually a kids movie!

3) I have to have things in order, or I feel very disorganized, and when I feel disorganized, I am stressed, and when I am stressed, well, as my husband would say, you better run!!

4) I have no desire to travel anywhere in the US. Since traveling to other countries, Bahamas, Russia, and China, I absolutely LOVE international travel, and traveling in the US seems boring.

5) I have no desire to travel internationally for pleasure. If I do travel abroad again, it will have to be for mission work, or to bring home another little bundle of joy!

If you read this, and you would like, you are tagged!