Tuesday, September 29, 2009

8 Years ago today!!!

I was in labor!!! I gave birth to a tiny, sweet little baby girl! She came 6 weeks early, and here is the first time I met her in the NICU! She weighed exactly 4 lbs! It was the most magical moment of my life.
She came home 2 1/2 weeks later, healthy and happy, and she was so precious. I felt such a peace each time I looked at her, I knew God had sent me the most amazing gift!

She grew and grew, full of smiles and joy! What fun to have a baby in our lives, we grew to love her more and more each day!

She has always been a joy to be around, a child who wants to help, and thinks of others. Her laughter is contagious, and her sweet and gentle spirit is so calming even during the stress life brings. I have learned so much from her over these past 8 years and I hope I have become a better person because of her. As the Bible states, children really are a gift from the Lord!

And here we are after 8 years! We decided to throw a big birthday party for her this year, where she could invite all of her special friends. Family came over first to celebrate, and later friends arrived for her fairy tea party! She's wearing her silvermist dress-one of the pixie hollow fairies from Tinkerbelle. The celebration was so much fun! They had cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches, cupcakes and strawberry lemonade. We hung out on the porch and made flower fairies and necklaces. I loved watching all the kids run and play in the yard and garden, as they laughed and seemed to be having a great time. Thanks for all the memories, M! Happy Birthday!!!


My name is Dawn, said...

Happy Birthday M...
Beautiful pictures Michelle and perfect song to go with it.

Handwoven Dreams said...

Happy, happy 8th Birthday! Michelle it sounds like it was a blast of a party! We have 2 upoming parties. Our oldest will be turning 10 and we are working up a Nancy Drew mystery party and Our son will be 7. His will be Lego themed.

Your birthday post was so sweet!

Lori Ann said...

Happy birthday, sweet Miranda!

Lily and family

Calico Sky said...

Happy Happy Birthday M! You were both on a very special day and it sounds like you celebrated in such a special way!!

M looks absolutely adorable & such a happy baby!!

My word verification below this is wanted. I think this post is such an example a child who was so wanted, so loved!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet sweet post.