Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Amazing Race!

I don't watch much tv, and I don't watch the Emmy's, however I just heard that The Amazing Race just won another emmy for the 7th year in a row as the best reality competition tv. show. I must say, I completely agree and I am so happy they won!

This is the show DH and I wait for, and we don't miss an episode once it starts! The combination of traveling around the world, and watching teams complete the crazy tasks that are placed in front of them is a perfect recipe for a great show in my opinion! We are literally on the edge of our seats watching this show! We laugh, and even jump up and down at times! It is so entertaining! We also sit there and relate to some of the couples and their struggles, and look at each other and know we would kill each other if we were on the show together!!! :) Then we talk about who we would choose to go on the show with, and laugh about how hilarious that would be! We would each love to watch each other on the show, but we would never race together as a team, there is NO way!!!

I love to see the culture of all of the different countries they go to. That in itself is enough to hook me in on this show, but watching your favorite team win in the end is one of the best moments! If you were in our living room, you would probably see us high fiving each other...that is how much we get into it! If you haven't watched this show...tune in next week, Sunday on CBS as the newest one will start then, it will be a great way to spend a sunday night, I promise!


Calico Sky said...

My favourite show, I've missed the last 3 seasons (soon to be 4 as my friend I'm staying with doesn't have TV - I wonder if you can watch it online in N. America?). Here it is on ocassionally but always the same season (BJ & Tyler!)

Ohilda said...

Okay...I think you've sold me on it! I'm gonna have to tune in next Sunday. I admit I've never watched it, but have heard good stuff.

Denise said...

We love that show, but we haven't been able to watch it since it has been on Sunday nights. We don't get home from church soon enough to see it. And, we don't have any way to record it. Oh well, we've lived so far... Do enjoy it, though.