Thursday, September 17, 2009

Home Sweet Happenings...

School is in full swing! We started Sept. 1st! Here is M at the dining room table working on her copy work.

L is so excited that she is officially a preschooler now. Here she is working on tracing. She is also working on ABC's, cutting, and lacing right now! She loves everything, and is so enthusiastic about school. I have to have lots of activities available for her at all times. We are also working on a quiet time during the day, which is challenging for her. She is not easily entertained by books as M always has been. She chooses to use her "my first leap pad" during quiet time. This used to be M's. I like it because it is not a small computer screen like they have now. You can't buy these in the store anymore. The "my first leap pad" are small books you attach to a base, and you use a pen attachment to make the book talk to you. There are many books you can purchase for it (on ebay now), and they are all educational. This does keep L entertained during quiet time, and she is learning quite a bit from it.

Watch out!!! Here comes Molly! When Molly gets out of the pasture, this is what happens! She runs up the yard to the house, and if you don't close the door, she will push her way in. She also yells a lot louder than the goats. She is fun to have around, but honestly, you better look out when she's out in the yard, this girl is buff, and she will knock you down!!!

M and L spending some of their last summer days outside. The swing hanging in Maple tree has been one of their favorite spots all summer! It is so fun to watch them in the yard. They are both girly girls and love to wear their summer dresses every day.

This photo was taken this morning right before we left for L's "storybook ballet" class. L is enjoying it, but at the moment she is marching to her own beat. I just love the teacher, she is the same one M had, and she teaches ballet in her own home studio. She is very dramatic. She plays great music while they warm up, and then reads a story to them. Next she brings out props which usually relate to the story, and the music/dance/and props all tie in as the class continues. It is adorable. There are many times that the teacher is showing them little moves to copy, and I am really surprised since L loves to copy people, she will not do it in her class! She just stands there and watches all the other little girls, and when they are all kicking their right leg up or something, L decides to spin around like a little ballerina. The only problem is, this is not what she should be doing at that time. So today Miss N, the teacher, decides to say "look, now it's time to spin" and follow L's lead. Then she turned L into the class helper from then on, and things went well from there...she loves the class, and we will just have to wait and see how things progress.
Hope you enjoyed our update!

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