Thursday, September 24, 2009

Her first dress!

One of my goals for the summer was to give M every opportunity to learn to sew. Since I don't have much experience, I looked to others. First she spent a couple days at my step mom's house-her grandma, and they spent an entire day making some doll clothes for her raggedy ann doll. I also sat beside and did some sewing that day, I had to make the most of having someone there with 65 years of sewing experience! (She's been sewing since she was 5). M loved it, and was so proud of the creations she came out with!
Next, I enrolled her in a local sewing class at a sewing machine shop. The teacher and her daugher were wonderful, and in two short classes, she came out with numerous creations! A pillowcase, drawstring bag, pin cushion, and more. She really enjoyed the class!
Lastly, a sweet friend of mine offered to help her make a dress. She borrowed a dress from a friend that she liked, and they traced it, and sewed it up! Such a cute, simple dress. See above!! M has a love for animals, reading, and sewing. Sewing seems to come more naturally to her than it does for me. I hope to find more ways to help her to become the little seamstress she is meant to be!


Calico Sky said...

WOW! Can Miranda teach me????

Wendi said...

Cute fabric. M did a fantastic job!

scrappy quilter said...

What a cute dress. C started sewing at a young age too. She started with a couple small quilt tops and then pj's. From there she made doll clothes and now is making dolls and bears as well as most of her own clothing. It comes naturally to her.

I loved reading this post. You are giving her a lifetime skill. That is awesome!!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


Please tell her I am VERY impressed, as I don't sew and wish I could. It's something I want Joy to learn (and think she would enjoy learning). How old is your daughter?


Cora said...

What a cute dress. She did a wonderful job.