Sunday, January 17, 2010

For Haiti-my prayers, a song dedication, and a donation...

When my husband and I first got married over 16 years ago, we decided to sponsor a child in another country. The organization we chose was World Vision. We got a little 3 yr. old girl from Sri Lanka. We have sponsored her ever since. She sends us letters and drawings, and also updated pictures of herself. This week, as I watched in disbelief at the pain and devastation that the people of Haiti are enduring, we were compelled to give. How could we not do our part? If you are looking for a responsible and effective organization to give to Haiti through, World Vision is a great one. We sent them our donation this week. As I was watching some of the coverage on t.v. the other day, I even saw some of the World Vision staff tending to some of the survivors. Here is the link

The other thing I began doing from day one was to pray. There is much power in prayer, and our prayers are heard. The song that is playing on this blog is one we sing in church all the time, as we pray over our city. I put this on my blog today to dedicate it to Haiti, and to give them hope. Please pray for the people of Haiti and give if you can.

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